PetronPay is a USA base Company that has been in business of OIL, PETROL AND GAS since 2010. They were operating privately ( I mean only millions Investors they allowed to invest with them). Early this year they decided to go international by broking down their Investment packages so that I and you can also Invest with our small capital and grow it bigger and bigger.

NOW If you invest with PetronPay, they use your money to invest or trade by buying low and sell high *OIL Gas and Petrol and share the Profit you with you on daily basis. What ever amount you invest base on their choosen or selected packages, Is equal to 1 (one) Barrel of OIL Gas and Petrol. So they trade with your money and give you estimated of 0.2% to 2.5 on daily basis from Monday to friday . The rule is that, you get 300% on your investment (Any package you choose) So you make 0.2% to 2.5% daily

The following are the packages you can choose base on your strength.

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Barrel 1  : $25 

Barrel 2  : $50 

Barrel 3 $99 

Barrel 4 : $246 

Barrel 5 : $514

 Barrel 6 : $1030 

 Barrel 7  : $2030

*NB*We use Bitcoin to do the investment not Dallars so we use bitcoin rate.

Here is where I want you to pay close attention

As soon as you invest in PetronPay, You can decide or choose to be ONLY AN INVESTOR OR YOU CAN CHOOSE TO BE AN INVESTOR AT THE SAME A NETWORKER Let me break these 2 categories in more detail here

Now WHO IS AN INVESTOR IN PETRONPAY? A PetronPay investor is someone who just buy any of the packages (Invest) and sit down waiting to withdraw his or her daily, weekly and monthly Earnings and Do not do anything else for the company 


Is an investor who buy a package (invest) and sit down waiting to withdraw his or her daily weekly and monthly Earnings and Promoting PetronPay Investment Opportunity to his or her friends, families, or any other person By say to them, Hey, there is an investment business opportunity here called PetronPay which is putting much cash in my pocket so come and invest in and let's all enjoy together. Buy doing that, you are PetronPay investor and at same time a networker THAT'S WHERE WE ARE ALL FOCUSING ON.

NOW what's the benefits of been a networker? 

There is Soo much benefit that's why we all focusing on that part.

*If you're a networker, you make a bunch of 6 different ways ( you can see all the benefits in the PDF I will be posting here )

Is a company based in one of the largest investment centres in the world, Dubai. Petronpay operates by leveraging all of this oil market's up and downs making CFD's attractive and profitable. Petronpay has partnered with large refineries enabling high quality purchase and excellent profitability. Other than to trade petroleum, the company does online speculation with derivatives; a simple and most profitable.

Earn upto 300% of your investment 




Payment Mothed



10% Distributed in 6 levels

1st level-50%

2nd level- 10%

3rd level- 10%

4th level- 10%

5th level- 10%

6th level- 10%

BINARY BONUS50% of the points generated by your smaller Team

*BARREL $25 

Daily Profit $0.38

Binary points - 6

No registration fee


Daily Profit $0.75

Binary points - 12

No registration fee


Daily Profit $1.49

Binary points - 25

No registration fee


Daily Profit $3.75

Binary points - 50

Registration fee $15


Daily Profit $7.49

Binary points - 100

Registration fee $15


Daily Profit $14.99

Binary points - 200

Registration fee $30

BARREL $1999

Daily Profit $29.99

 Binary points - 400

Registration fee $30