Student Coin is the first academic token connecting universities, startups and investors 🎓
Student Coin powers the emerging ecosystem that allows to create tokens for universities, startups, and individuals. Student Coins are currently available for students and investors at over 500 universities worldwide in 32 countries.
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We aim to connect Universities, students, investors and early stage startups. Universities will be able to share data with each other and create their own tokens, students will be able to get funding for their startups and learn more about crypto, investors will be able to invest in high risk-high return projects or allocate their capital investing in STC.

Most of this will happen on our own STC exchange. You can check its design on our site in "ecosystem section" This project will have so many utilities that it is quite hard for me to describe it all in such a short message so I highly recommend checking our whitepaper where you will be able to find highly detailed info about the whole project. 🙂

Lately we also added 50 sections about cryptocurrencies to our educational section.  🙂