Become an affiliate player and enjoy exciting affiliate benefits.

Start your journey with an easy and simple way. Pick an affordable amount and build your behoof over time, you don’t need a deep wallet to start. Whether it is a top event or something less conventional, you will always be able to place a bet and earn the best possible game point which can encashed anytime you want at ESPN Global. Different ways of Income are Super Matching Bonus, Quick Master Bonus, Medal of Honour, Percentage Of Income on Company Profits and Crowdfunding.


Apart from further advancement in our App and integration of more exciting blockchain based games ,Our Incorporation is intended to launch IEO (INITIAL EXCHANGE OFFERING) of our own Esport Token based on ERC-20 platform once we built a good esport community .
Since the day we start our operations , We will be giving Airdrops of our token to all registered players as a gift .

ESPN Global provides a straightforward and transparent mechanism to attract big community and make more profits.

Referral Program :
Refer Players and Associate Players and earn various incentives and bonuses.

Quick Master Incentive:
If you personally refer your left and right Affiliate Players within 72 hours from your signup time or achieve Commander Rank within 30 days, you will be termed as a Quick Master. As a Quick Master you will earn $6 each Reward Point . 

Super Matching Bonus:
Super Matching Bonus is paid in the form of ESPN play tokens, which can be either redeemed, encashed or used for playing the game. Play Tokens are paid weekly as per the rank achieved by you.

Medal Of Honour:
Medal Of Honour income is an extraordinary income for the Maxout achievers, to reward their outstanding performance and 

commitments. Medal Of Honour is calculated everyday but paid monthly on 1st date of every month.

Many blockchain based games are yet to be integrated. We are bringing you millions of dollars of Tournaments based of blockchain which will be global revolution .


ESPN wealth program works with two team binary system, termed as left team and right team. To earn the benefits, you must personally refer minimum two associates in each of your team. Both team’s play points are equally matched daily and paid to you in the form of reward points. The remaining play points of stronger team are carry forward for next calculation.

Now we're happy to share a new improvement: our associate players can receive their Rewards and income settlements in up to four of these cryptocurrencies at once.

1.Bitcoin 2.Litecoin 3.Ethereum 4.Ripple